An 18” Dishwasher By Bosch

February 16th, 2015

While most dishwashers are available in a standard 24” format, Bosch also offers a dishwasher that measures only 18”. Despite its size, it is extremely efficient and space savvy. As all of Bosch dishwashers, it is the most silent of its class and includes adjustable interior racks, a 4 part leak protection system and a little red light that shines on the floor to let you know it is running. Often overlooked, this dishwasher can be the perfect solution for small kitchens. For people who like to entertain at home, this dishwasher can also be a great addition to a kitchen that already has a standard dishwasher. In addition, the model SPV5ES53UC can receive a custom door panel, making it seamless with the rest of your Fellini Designs kitchen cabinets.