Eurocucina 2012 Trends

August 3rd, 2012

Every two years, kitchen design professionals from all over the world gather in Milan for Eurocucina. This exposition that brings together more than 145 exhibitors is the perfect occasion to observe the latest trends and new conceptions.

Luca Fellini, designer and owner of Fellini Designs, who distributes the Italian kitchens Cucine Lube in Canada participated in the 2012 exhibition that took place between April 17th and 22nd.

Luca outlined the latest trends in kitchen design from this must-attend event:

  • The uses of materials of natural and organic tones, darker shades have been replaced by lighter ones.
  • Wooden cabinets are usually combined with lacquered or glass cabinets to lighten the composition. Going along with the “organic trend”, these lacquered and glass cabinets are featured in greige colors as an allegory of sand and pebbles.
  • Open cabinets are integrated to lower and island cabinets in addition to wall units. The exposed cabinets help to break the monotony of a space and allow the kitchen to be personalized as preferred objects are openly displayed. These open cabinets feature accentuated colors such as air-force blue, yellow and green that brighten up the rest of the natural-colored cabinets.
  • The re-visited Tuscan kitchen. White cabinets are dressed with simple handles in black, white or stainless steel. Upper cabinets are open or made of glass. The shape of the hoods continues to reinforce the Tuscan character, even though they are sleek, white or stainless steel delimited by simple lines. Marble countertops provide a natural and refined charm.
  • Varied height cabinets are being used in the same space. In minimalist white kitchens, suspended cabinets of different heights play an interesting role redefining the composition.
  • Open spaces continue to be en-vogue. Nonetheless, for those wanting to set a boundary between the kitchen and the living area without completely secluding the spaces, the solution lies in tall open bookcases that remain see-through as books and items are strategically placed.
  • Marble is everywhere, used as countertop or backsplash as well as in the re-invented Tuscan kitchen or the ultra-modern one. The imperial brown marble is the latest addition to the classics Carrera, Statuario and Calacatta. The richness in tone of the imperial brown marble is able to warm up without hesitation any minimalist kitchen. Fellini Designs recommends sealing your marble counter every 6 months to avoid stains.
  • Integrated handles well concealed within the cabinetry remain a trendy concept putting in evidence uninterrupted upper as well as lower cabinets.

We can conclude that trends observed in Milan, help to transform the modern kitchen into a warmer and more personalized space.